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Benchmark Theatre's 1st Annual Fever Dream Festival took place on Friday, June 16th, Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June  18th at Buntport in Denver, Colorado. 

A celebration of science fiction, fantasy, horror and all genres in between, the very first Fever Dream Festival Plays were:




Friday, 6/16 8pm- Session A

Short: Howard by Mark Harvey Levine

A play about time travel, regrets, and how to make the perfect BLT.

Feature: An Invitation Out by Shualee Cook

In a future where the upper classes live entirely online in a neo-Victorian virtual world of their own devising, throwing a party can have unforeseen consequences.

Saturday, 6/17 12pm- Session B

Short: Blood Pact by Brenda Foley

Set in a futuristic institution where all fluids have become a site of contestation and insurrection, Kate, a “Control” in the lab, inadvertently becomes entangled in the illegal fluid trade.

Feature: Removed by John J. Caswell, Jr.

Community is a place that very much resembles the English countryside, surrounded by dark forest and tall walls and seems to occupy an alternate past more technologically advanced than our own. A young boy who has grown up knowing only immortality begins to imagine a life that ends in death. 

Saturday, 6/17 4pm- Session C

Feature: Saucer City by Laura Shamas

Vonna has the perfect job and marriage, until her husband is sucked into the neo-UFO movement and disappears.

Saturday 6/17, 8pm- Session D

One Act: Blue Lagoon by Thomas Pierce

A whistle blower spills secrets and discovers the modern security state has unusual ways of fighting back.

Short: For the Living by Chie-Hoon Lee

A story about cloning and the price it exacts on a relationship.

One Act: Hibiscus' Towel by Kevin Scott Chess  

A young woman comes to terms with what she has become under the umbrella of mental instability and war.

Short: Mercury's in Retrograde, and You Suck by Rich Orloff

The fate of the planet is in the President’s hands when he faces two squabbling and, shall we say, Mercurial emissaries from the planet Mercury. 

 Sunday, 6/18 2pm- Session E

Short: Transgression by Thomas C. Dunn

In an authoritarian society in the future, a man learns that kindness can be criminal.

Feature: The Burning of Kenneth Carrion by Joshua Fardon

Twenty years ago, Ken Carrion was accused of murdering his sister by setting her on fire. A reporter for a True Crime website struggles to separate memory from truth as she and Ken relive the events of the past.

Sunday, 6/18 6pm- Session F

Short: Blueberries Weep by David Williams

As research scientist Louise tries to figure out how test subject Anabel’s sense have been affected in a pharmaceutical study, but the real secrets of the experiment are slowly revealed.

Feature: Maniac Lake by Jeff Carey

“Deathtrap meets Friday the 13th.”


The acting ensemble for
the 2017 Fever Dream Festival

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The Artistic and Production Team for
the 2017 Fever Dream Festival


Special Thanks to our 2017 Festival Sponsor Lockton Companies

Try to be original in your play and as clever as possible; but don’t be afraid to show yourself foolish; we must have freedom of thinking, and only he is an emancipated thinker who is not afraid to write foolish things.
— Anton Chekhov